Finantial Accountancy and management

With us, accounting becomes an accessible, useful and essential tool to support your business management. We provide a flexible range of services to the level you need, to simplify your work and contribute to the success of your company.


We offer our customers services in key areas such as treasury management, budgeting and forecast information, as well as the execution of administrative tasks, which allows you to reduce unnecessary costs and improve your company's performance.


We take responsibility for the strict compliance with all your tax and declarative obligations and for the optimization of the tax planning for your business, based on our in-depth knowledge of the legislation and our system of continuous and orderly accounting.


Human Resources


We provide all the administrative support your company needs, with a special focus on human resources management, which include administrative staff management, salary processing, preparation of reports, advice and applications to support staff hiring, among other services.

Tax Consultancy






We provide tax and accounting assistance, consultancy and support in managing companies' financial resources. We provide permanent support for your decision-making, by anticipating the economic and financial results of your business and analyzing the tax and accounting policies in force.


Sole Traders

Independent Professionals


We provide tax and accounting assistance, consultancy and support in managing the financial resources of Sole traders and Independent professionals.


Non Habitual Residents


We handle all matters relating to accounting, periodic and annual tax declarations, bureaucratic procedures and tax planning.


Applications for Financial Grants and Support


We provide all the fiscal and accounting support, consultancy and management of financial resources for the application process for financial grants and support, and the respective follow-up.


Tax Representation


Companies or individual non-residents in Portugal may have to appoint a tax representative for certain operations in Portugal, for example, purchase of a property, organization of events, change of tax residence to and from the UK, etc. After our appointment as your tax representative, we will handle the procedures for obtaining your tax number and will represent you with the Tax Authority.


As your tax representatives, we provide the following services:


  • Informing our clients of all their tax obligations in Portugal.
  • Submitting the necessary tax returns to comply with Portuguese law.
  • Proceeding with tax payments on behalf of the client, upon receipt of due funds by the client.
  • Keeping archives of all fiscally relevant information.
  • Providing all the information required by the Tax Authority, namely, in case of tax inspection.